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Dormitory is the place of residence of students in university, which is divided into two sections for single and married students. Currently, dormitories covered by this office are as follows:
- Dormitories No. 1 to 5 (Girls) located in Pardize Afzalipour with 1647 residents
- Dormitories No. 6, 7 and 8 (Boys) located in Pardize Afzalipour with 1402 residents
- Harandi Dormitory (Girls) located in Imam Khomeini Highway with 220 residents
- The Married Dormitory located in Pardize Afzalipour with 31 couple residents

Conditions for residence in dormitory:
Considering the limited capacity of dormitories, only those first admission students (Rouzaneh) can apply for residence who do not have the possibility to travel from their residence to university on a daily basis and do not benefit from the mortgage loans of the Welfare Fund or other institutions. These students will be settled in single or married dormitories according to the rating tables based on the bylaws of the welfare fund.

Priorities and bases for rating are as follows:
- Children of Martyrs and Isargaran
- Children of prisoners of war, freed prisoners of war and the missing
- Students under the protection of Imam Khomeini Aid Committee and the Welfare Organization
- Top Students
- Graduate Studies students
- Distance of residence to the university

Students have the following responsibilities while residing in dormitory:
- Observing the general rules and regulations
- Protecting properties belonging to them and to the university
- Observing discipline and Islamic and student values
-  Not bothering others
- Properly using the facilities of the dormitory
- Close and intimate cooperating with the dormitory authorities
- Providing personal stuff, blankets, sheets and pillows
- Discharging the dormitory with the call of student and cultural deputy

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